It is undeniable, laptops become a basic need that must be owned by most people today, ranging from office workers, students, or students. Because of the reasons for flexibility and ease, certainly not a few people are more interested in asking for a laptop than a PC.

Today, there are not a few laptop brands issued by giant producers with different offers, both in terms of price, design, specifications and features and sophistication.

Well, for those of you who are confused about what brand of laptops you want, here Yes EzutTech has filtered 10 of the best and best quality 2018 laptop brands.

  • Apple

Apple is one of the best laptop brands that have top quality. For the price problem, the laptop with the logo of bitten fruit is considered expensive compared to most laptop brands. There is a price of course there is quality.

Starting from the design section, Apple MacBook appears with a simple appearance but still looks elegant. The simple design is what makes many people like this Apple-made product.

Moreover, Apple MacBook also has a lot of advantages compared to laptops in general, ranging from sharper screen quality, rarely hangs, complete functions and features, and much more.

Well, that is what makes most professional workers prefer Apple MacBook laptops, such as photographers and designers for example.

  • Dell

Just like laptop brands in general, Dell laptops also have a type variant that is tailored to the needs of its users. The types of laptops offered by Dell include Dell Inspiron, Dell Alienware, Dell XPS, and Dell Vostro.

One of the advantages of Dell laptop is that it lies in its design that looks solid. Moreover, this laptop also has a durable and long-lasting quality that is not easily damaged.

Obviously, the article Dell packaging their products using Chromium material in the casing so that it has a sturdy structure.

Although priced at a price slightly more expensive than ASUS or Acer, this is certainly in accordance with the quality offered.

  • ASUS

To attract the attention of consumers, ASUS sells homemade laptop products at affordable prices. Questioning quality, this one laptop brand has no doubt because it has experience in the field of computer technology since the PC era.

Most ASUS laptops adopt ATI Radeon VGA and NVIDIA GeForce VGA. so, it’s not uncommon for this laptop product to be often called the laptop of gamers. But not a few office workers and students who use ASUS laptops to support office needs.

Well, for those of you who are looking for the best laptop brands with good quality, maybe ASUS is one of the brands of laptops that you must consider.

  • Acer

In terms of price, Acer-made laptops are equally affordable from ASUS. Yes, almost all the latest laptops from Acer are issued at quite affordable prices. This laptop manufacturer is indeed consistent with low prices to attract the middle to lower market.

For design problems, Acer laptops have a pretty good and elegant look. Moreover, the manufacturer also gives a choice of laptop colors that vary so we can choose the colors we like.

If there are problems that you cannot overcome, Acer has Service Support that is spread in various regions in Indonesia. Repairing damage if you still have the warranty can certainly be resolved completely in a short time.

  • Cellphone

Having a simple and elegant design, that’s one strong reason why quite a lot of workers and students steal HP laptops. For quality problems, this American-made laptop has a strong body that is not easily damaged.

For the price issue, the manufacturer peddles its products with many choices that can be tailored to the needs, ranging from office needs, graphic design, and so on.

  • Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the laptops sold at popular prices. In other words, most Lenovo laptop products are sold at prices that are relatively cheaper than other laptop brands, such as the Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop series.

Lenovo is a computer company that has decades of experience. That way, you certainly don’t need to doubt the quality of the Lenovo-made laptop. Cheap but not cheap.

  • MSI

The best laptop brands with good quality next may be familiar to your gamers. Yep, MSI laptops are designed specifically to support the needs of gamers who present the gear specifications.

Not just to play heavy games, you can also adopt this laptop for other needs, ranging from office activities, multimedia, and others.

Although most MSI laptops are sold at high prices by bringing the specifications, the manufacturer also makes several choices of laptops that are intended for light needs, for example MSI CR410, MSI U180, and several other options.

  • Samsung

As we know, almost all products made by Samsung have very high quality, ranging from android smartphones to electronic items. Like other products, Samsung-made laptops are usually sold at prices that are slightly more expensive than Lenovo or ASUS.

But there is no need to worry, there is a price of course there is quality. Yep, Samsung laptops are generally equipped with amazing battery life so that they can support their daily needs very well.

Moreover, almost all Samsung laptops have a design that looks elegant and stylish so that makes us confident when using it, both for office, student, or student needs.

  • Toshiba

The best laptop brand with the next good quality is Toshiba. Yep, this Sakura country laptop has a range of advantages that branded laptops do not have, starting from its sturdy design and construction, good LCD quality, and most importantly service and easy-to-find spare parts.

In some Toshiba laptop series, there are even those that have been equipped with HDD protectors. So, when your laptop is hit by a collision it certainly is not easy to damage the hard drive.

  • Microsoft

Besides being reliable in making enough software that is useful for computers, it turns out that Microsoft also presents a laptop product with a variety of variants that can be tailored to the needs.

One of the best-selling laptops from Microsoft, the Microsoft Surface which is claimed to be slower and stylish than all sides compared to the MacBook Air.

But unfortunately, most laptops made in Microsoft are sold at quite expensive prices. But for the specifications and sophistication and features offered it will not make you regret buying it anyway.


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