Of all the gaming consoles that had tasted the golden age and consoles that still exist today, only PlayStation (PS) occupied the throne unshakeable. Starting from PS’s first time appearing on the face of the Earth to PS4, this product has remained strong. Both in terms of sales of the console and game engines.

Commemorating the sale of 500 million PlayStation console machines over the past few decades, Sony announced the sale of the limited edition PS4 Pro. Why do you need to buy it? Obviously because the console is amazingly beautiful.

Wrapped with a blue body, the PS4 Pro Limited Edition will use a 90s era accent. Interestingly, the console body was made transparent. So, you can clearly see the contents of the PS4 Pro.

Not only is the console body made transparent, the Dual Shock 4 controller included in the sales package is also blue transparent.

Accompanied by “sequence number.” Shared controller & PS camera. Sales package.

The controller can be purchased separately.

On the front of the console, there is a bronze-colored plate that attracts attention. Included on the plate is the PS4 Pro Limited Edition serial number that you have.

Why is it that Sony struggles to pin the serial number? As the name implies, the PS4 Pro is limited. Spread throughout the world, there will only be 50 thousand units that can be purchased. The serial number will be a pride for the owner.

The PS4 Pro Limited-Edition sales package includes a 2TB PS4 Pro engine, a Dual Shock 4 controller, and a PlayStation Camera. If you are interested in having a controller, Sony will sell it separately. In addition, Sony will also sell transparent blue wireless headsets such as PS4 Pro Limited Edition and be given gold accents.

This limited number of console machines will begin to be marketed on August 24, 2018. The exact price has not been announced by Sony. Of course, this limited-edition console price will be more expensive and won’t take long until it is sold out.


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