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How To get the new Routines settings feature with Android Q Google Pixel phones
How to get the new Routines settings feature with Android Q Google Pixel phones, Automation applications such as Tasker, MacroDroid, Automate and Llama have helped Android users explore the potential of their new smartphones


This may be the case for third-party automation applications, but third parties such as Samsung’s Google Assistant and Bixby have borrowed some of these features and made them their own, such as Assistant Routines and Bixby Routines. 

But Google seems to be poised to expand in this area, as a report from XDA-Developers claims that Google is working on a new feature of automation.

A new report indicates an upcoming feature found in strings and code in the SettingsIntelligence system APK that was released using the Android Q beta. 

This feature is internally tested and labeled “Fishfood” and “Dogfood” by Google employees. While the feature is internally referred to as “Actions” when issued, it will be named “Rules” for users. 

The feature goes, “Rules help automate the changes you make regularly …” Although this description makes it seem as though users will have a lot of freedom to automate their device settings, this is not the case now.

At this time, this feature will allow users to set up rules on their Google Pixel smartphone based on their Wi-Fi network and save them on their devices to that particular location and circumstances. With this feature, users can choose to automate whether Google Pixel will automatically switch to NOD, set the new phone to ringing, just mute the phone, or vibrate. 

Users will be notified by Android on their Google Pixel device if they enter an automatic area and whether a status has been set.

New rules can be set using Location and Google Calendar. Although these features are not the same as third-party applications, another feature is called “Ramping Ringer” where Google Pixel starts to vibrate first and then slowly moves to the ring.

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